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A notable feature for almost all of 2NE1′s singles is the unique song structure that YG’s in-house producer, Teddy Park, established for the girls. Specifically, “I Love You” bares a strong resemblance in structure to their previous hit “Can’t Nobody“, featuring multiple hooks and choruses that alternate throughout the song. Stylistically, “I Love You” is a fusion K-Pop track binding a reggae-pop rhythm with a typical progressive-house pluck, but to Teddy’s defense, the results are nothing short of brilliant. Personally, the moments where the song is stripped bare with just 2-3 layers are the song’s most defining moments.
So the verdict here is that 2NE1′s new single is not their most direct song, but that might actually be a good thing. The real issue with 2NE1′s previous mini album was that it was a combination of strong pop singles that bore no relation to each other in sound or meaning. It was a random conglomerate of acoustic folk, electro house, urban pop and rock music with little to no lyrical relevance to each other besides the obvious girl power theme. With “I Love You”, we’re experiencing a compensation of sound and musical direction in order to fit a certain theme. Of what exactly? I’m not exactly quite sure yet, but the context clues are all there. What we can expect, though, is that “I Love You” is an appetizer for something much greater.
“I Love You” serves as a pivotal role in the development of 2NE1, adding a brand new dimension to their forthcoming music and overall presentation. Not only is 2NE1 bold and wild, but they’re now also expressive lovers as well, which seems to be their current concept. Bring forth themes of authentic love to your music, and it’s only natural there will also be themes of maturity. While I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything mature in the sense that we’ll be calling them 4NE1 anytime soon, I think their music video serves as enough evidence that they will be portraying more adult themes, shedding off some of those frivolous misconceptions. “I Love You” may not be the most crowd pleasing single, but surely it’s a slice of flavorful pop music for the more-mature and open minded listener.

The song immediately topped various music charts in Korea including Daum Music, Bugs, Melon and Mnet.
On iTunes, “I Love You” entered the Top 10 Electronic Songs chart in 12 countries. It zoomed to No. 1 in Canada, Finland and Sweden.
The single is No. 2 in the US, No. 5 in the United Kingdom, No. 4 in Australia, No. 10 in Austria, No. 6 in Italy, No. 3 in The Netherlands, No. 4 in New Zealand, No. 2 in Norway and No. 3 in Spain.
In a blog post, SPIN magazine praised “I Love You,” describing it as a “perfect summation of pop’s present and future.”

I Love You" combines the quintessential vocal and rap style of CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom in a refreshing mid-tempo track.
YG Entertainment, 2NE1's management, described it as an electro-pop track characterized by "an experimental new sound, combining a sensual new melody, with fresh new lyrics and finds 2NE1 singing (about) a sweet love for the first time since their debut."
1.7 million views
The music video features the girls in their element singing and performing the hot new track wearing fierce colorful fashions and sexy smoky eye make-up that's sure to enthrall their male and female fans.





Name: Lee Park Bom (리박봄)
English Name: Bom Park | Jenny Park
Stage Name: Park Bom | Bom
Position: Main Vocal
D.O.B.: March 24, 1984
Height: 165cm (approx. 5'5")
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Playing Instruments | Listening to musics
Favorite Color(s): Green | Pink | Red
Educational Background: Attended Lesley University to major in psychology, but later transferred to Berkeley College of Music in Boston. Massachusetts to study music.
Specialties: Singing | Dancing | English | Japanese | Piano | Flute | Cello 
First Stage Performance: BigBang's first showcase (BigBang is V.I.P.) last September 16, 2006 performing "We Belong Together" and "Stand Up For Love"

Name: Gong Minji (공민지)
English Name: Gong Min Ji
Stage Name: Minzy
Position: Rapper | Vocal
D.O.B.: January 18, 1994
Height: 161cm (approx. 5'3")
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Listening to music | Writing Lyrics | Studying Production
Favorite Color(s): Orange | Pink
Educational Background: Attended up to 5th grade in Kwangjoo. Finished Elementary at Suhkang Elementary School in Seoul. Currently in 9th grade.
Specialties: Rapping | Dancing | Singing | Japanese | English | Chinese
First Stage Performance: -

Name: Lee Chae Rin (이채린)
English Name: Chae Lee | Faith Lee
Stage Name: CL
Position: Leader | Rapper | Vocal
D.O.B.: February 26, 1991
Height: 162cm (approx. 5'4")

Blood Type: A
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Coloring | Drawing | Writing Lyrics
Favorite Color(s): Black | White
Educational Background: -
Specialties: Dancing | Rapping | Singing | Japanese | French | English
First Stage Performance: SBS Gayo Daejun last December 29, 2007 with YG Family

Name: Park Sandara (박 산다라)
English Name: Sandara Park
Stage Name: Dara
Nickname(s): Sandy | Dara | Krung-Krung
Position: Vocal
D.O.B.: November 12, 1984
Height: 162cm (approx. 5'4")
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Listening to music | Surfing the Net
Favorite Color(s): Pink
Educational Background: -
Specialties: Acting | Tagalog | English | Chinese
First Stage Performance: -

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