Wednesday, 11 July 2012


[Concert ticket opening D-3]Is everyone ready??? Only 3 days left until the release of NEW EVOLUTION CONCERT tickets!!! Global tour of 2NE1 NEW EVOLUTION will take place in Seoul, the heart of Asia. Music has an amazing power that ties everyone around the world :) SO…. Let every single of Black Jack all over the world come enjoy the fun and excitement of concert together! 

Step 3 to enjoy 2012 New Evolution Concert!!! You don’t think that only little kids go to 2NE1′s concerts, right?!? No, no, no, no~! In fact, Nolza concert last year drew audiences of all ages! From little children, to students, to employees, to mothers and fathers! Making a culture where everyone enjoys the concert experiences!

Step 1 to enjoy 2012 2NE1 New Evolution Concert!!! New Fashion!!! For this concert, our one and only beloved designer Jeremy Scott~! Designed all~! The costumes just for 2NE1′s concert! Music and fashion belong together! It will be an awesome sight! ^.^ Eyes would be so happy! +.+

[Countdown to ticketing open D-1] With a world-class band and the best sound and freshest beats come feel the essence of 2NE1′s 2012 NUEVCON! A band made up of amazing women – how can we express the feeling of how they perfectly match this new theme?!? Feel the power of women! Something you can only experience at NUEVCON!

Step 4 to enjoy 2012 New Evolution Concert!!! There are no standing seats so that the audience can focus on the performances, the awesome band, the stage, and a whole lot more! All are seating seats! But! Won’t you get up to run and jump during 2NE1′s performances? When we say, “Get up and jump~” Let’s all do so together in perfect timing and enjoy it together! Ack, so excited!

[Global tour GO GO GO!] July 28th, 29th, 2012 2NE1 NUEVCON, What's the dress code? To fully be with us, come dressed like 2NE1! Girls~ Don't wear your heels and suffer for no reason if you want to run around well! You're supposed to wear athletic shoes to a concert! You know, right?!? Everyone I look forward to seeing you with awesome looks!!!

The #2 method to enjoy the 2012 2NE1 New Evolution Concert!!! We’ll be performing together with the leader and bassist of the band from Beyonce’s World Tour, Divinity Roxx, as well as a really cool female band! How will we change our songs..?!? A treat for the ears!+.+

[Concert ticket opening D-4] The tour NEW EVOLUTION is 100% more fun than a club! Don’t forget to wear waterproof makeup since you’ll be jumping and sweating! Also.. be considerate to the people around you and bring deodorant! ^__^ㅋㅋ

[Concert ticket opening D-5] 5 days before tickets open!^.^ From FIRE! to I LOVE YOU~! 2NE1′s hit songs are like gems^^;; With a great band for 2012 2NE1 NewE con! You can experience a different feel!! The music won’t stop until the concert ends!

[D-2 until concert tickets opening] Luxurious fashion shows at the concert stage? 2012 2NE1 NEW EVOLUTION Global Tour has many interesting attractions! Then come check out 2NE1 MUST SEE FASHION SHOW BY Jeremy Scott! 

[Concert ticket opening D-6] If there is Dara as Public Relations (PR) manager in Korea! Then Jeremy Scott is the global PR manager, right?^.^ Just for 2NE1′s global tour, Jeremy has designed a personal collection where you can “only” see it at the 2012 2NE1 New Evolution concerts!!!+.+ You want to see it, right? You’re curious, right? hehehe Well then, to the concert, come on!

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